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Architecture Modeling 3DS Max

Really falling in love with the modeling tools in Max. Everything is really to use and the arch materials are a dream as well. Still nothing like Hypershade, but its fine for now as I have yet to do any complex texturing in Max.

Ive been going slowly through a Digital Tutors DVD that I highly recommend called Modeling Interiors in 3DS Max.

The guy goes through step by step how he models everything in the room. There is nothing on texturing or lighting. Just modeling.

One thing I have noticed is that the difference between a very CG looking object and a more photo-realistic one, is that the CG looking object lacks the imperfections real objects have. Pillows aren’t square they have a bit of a sag to one side or the other. The push/pull painting option (see soft mod in Maya) is great for creating these necessary imperfections.

After I rendered the still out of a simple couch and coffee table scene, I took it into photoshop and added some chromatic aberration, blurring, and dodge and burn. Its not too bad looking but I’m very happy with it because its my first real model with some decent detail. I am not a huge fan of modeling, but it is VERY gratifying to finish something like that. I look forward to doing more.