Top 11 Videos of 2010

11) The 2011 Mediocrity
Directed by Baker Smith

This is just hilarious. Its is for Subaru and the spot showcases a mediocre car and what went behind it. Enjoy.

10) Oops
Directed by Chris Beckman

Using existing footage of people dropping/picking up their cameras. The first time I saw this video, I’ll be honest, I skipped through it in just under 15 seconds waiting for something extraordinary to happen. I came back to it 4 days later and watched it in its entirety and was amazed. Such a great idea and well worth the watch. Yes it’s 10 minutes, suck it up. This won Best experimental video of 2010 for the Vimeo Awards.

9) Something Lurking
Directed by Psyop

This spot is awesome in its attention to detail, to go along with the flawless CG. Psyop chooses to use real dolls and just change their expressions in post. I love the dolls don’t move or animate, just the sharks. Psyop just does it better than everyone else, period.

8) Nuit Blanche
Directed by Arev Manoukian

We’ve seen a thousand “cool” videos with high speed cameras of stuff blowing up, people getting hit with water baloons etc. But this video actually has a story; and it’s well done.

7) Timelapse Montage
Directed by Mike Flores

Wow. I can’t believe how many times I have watched this or shown it to others. Every shot is spectacular. All timelapse shots taking a photo every 2-5 seconds or so on a motion control rig. Of course an overlayed score from Hans Zimmer doesn’t hurt. The night shots look surreal.

6) Guy walks Across America
Directed by Sam Griffith

Title says it all. The video is all done stop motion. The hi-five at 1:18 is brilliant. Everything was done with a camera, a tripod, and a tape measure. Done in 14 days. 2,770 still frames were used.

5) Shiny Suds
Directed by

This is awesome from start to finish. Great idea, great animation and well executed. I love her “happy face” at the beginning.

4) Last Day Dream
Directed by Chris Milk

I love pretty much everything Chris Milk touches. He has a certain look that I just seem to love. This is a project for a 42 second Film Festival through the life of one man (in 42 seconds). I love how this person’s selected life could pass for literally anyone else’s life. Be sure to let this load all of the way, and watch away. All shot with the Canon 5D Mark II by Chris Milk.

3) Meet Buck
Directed by Dennis Bouyer, Yann De Preval, Vincent Sousa, Laurent Monneron (all from French animation school Supinfocom)

The animation, rigging is all awesome, but the texturing is what really separates this from anything I have ever seen. I just love the painterly approach to everything. Oh yeah, and these guys are all students.

2) Nike Futbol: Next Level
Directed by Guy Ritchie

The World Cup brought a lot of creativity to the ad world this year. And this is an awesome, very entertaining spot. I love how it is just one point of view through one person’s eyes. Similar to Chris Milk’s 42 second spot in the execution. Anyone who has played any sport, not just soccer, can relate to the games, the practices, and the sound design. One of my favourite sports commercials of all time (which is something I make another list about in the future).


1) The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Directed by Tom Kuntz with The Mill

This changed everything.
Tom kuntz also directed Skittles commercial “Beard” FYI.

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