BS Television

Wow. So I just moved into a new apartment, and decided to opt for just internet instead of the traditional young adult  cable/internet package (does anyone use a landline besides corporations?). I have made it a week without any cable and it has been just fine actually. Everything I would really want is available on the internet anyways. All my CNBC shows are available through iTunes as podcats. I can watch my ESPN through or through ‘other means’. However I came across a series of interviews through  “This week in Startups” an awesome show. If TV was like this, I would watch it every day. Mostly everything on television is so useless that I find it unbelievable some shows (stations) even exist today – But then I don’t. This interview is an awesome talk (really gets good after the 45 minute mark) with two great minds: Jason Calicanis of Mahalo and Engadget fame and David Heinemeier Hansson of Ruby on Rails, Basecamp and 37Signals as they attack everything from startups, to selling your business, to buying a business, to why companies succeed and why focusing on profits is still overlooked. Check it out.

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