Recent Work

Been helping out a freelance motion graphics guy at work for the last little bit. Its a 4 minute spot for Future Shop that will be played on the inside of all of their stores on display tv sets. No one ever watches those things unless they are in line waiting for hours to return something (western digital external hard drive, ) but they do pay the bills I guess.

4 minutes is a huge amount of time and one thing I have realized is that staying organized is paramount. Sometimes you can get away with being slightly organized just enough so you can get the project out the door. But when you are working with a spot of that length (we are using 38 compositions in total) and you are swapping after effect project files between each other it can be quite maddening.

We are keeping a regular solid in the background with a simple light, soft shadows, and all of the elements fly into the center of the screen animate and fly off so every ‘comp’ is a clean plate and has the same start and finish frame.

We are also using 3D elements as well such as DVDs and a scratch lottery ticket. I made the lottery ticket in 3D, took the photoshop file made the center section ‘scratch off’ revealing text made some simple particles as it came off, rendered this out as a jpeg sequence and mapped that to the material of the simple plane i made in 3D so we could get a camera move with 3d shadows. rendered the shadows in mental ray with a ambient occlusion pass, and then a simple scanline render for the ticket itself. Took all this back into after effects added more particles to the ticket as it is scratched off and the section is done.

I also did the end tag for future shop which was a lot of fun to do as well. A note: I finished this end tag, I was working in quarter res the entire time, but when I switched it back to full quality just before rendering, I was getting a crazy amount of noise where the absence of light was. I fixed this after changing the aperture of the camera. This was very simple, but I sat that for an hour before figuring that out. Just a tip.

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