Badass Reel


Now thats a badass reel.
It was definitely under 2 minutes but it was powerful. Great editing, amazing sound design, and more importantly great work. He does motion design and VFX for websites. His website is pretty sick as well.

I’m emailing this guy as you read this because I have to know how he did some of the shots. His web stuff is killer.

Robert Kaniszewski is the designer’s name

  1. The reel is impressive. However, I had a lot of problems using his website. Nothing appeared to be a link until you clicked on it once, and some things interacted differently depending on a single or double-click. Strangely, I could not click anything using my USB mouse. Thought you should know.

  2. Hmm that’s weird Morgan. Everything worked fine for me, but I was using Google Chrome on a PC. Maybe your Firefox on a Mac was acting differently. Everything was pretty slick from my POV. I am no web designer by any means, but the motion reel was slick as hell. Check out his portfolio of other websites he has done. Impressive nonetheless.

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