3DS Max vs Maya

As some of you may know, I am a Maya user. I started with Maya, I started learning it at the same time I started using after effects. I had literally JUST started to get used to Maya, started customizing the hotbox, when tragedy struck. I took the internship opportunity here at a 3D studio in Toronto. Of course the main software they use is 3DS Max. I had to make a decision. I decided to take Maya completely off my computer at work in order to eliminate the crutch of using it while I was there. I tried to learn Max as fast as possible. This way, The people at work could teach me everything they know in order to best help me.

I must say I am adapting very well. Max is amazingly easy to use. The modifiers tab makes beginners like me understand the possibilities. I also really like pflow and the opportunities that the program allows me. It is really powerful and easy to use. Mental Ray is something I can relate to, but the next thing I would like to learn in how to use V Ray.

I am not going to say that I plan on switching over, but I must admit, it is very tempting. Maya is a much more powerful program in terms of what you are capable of with mel scripting and python languages. I also love the hypershade and the node based structure of it. However, if I am going to recommend a program to a beginner 3d user, it is going to be 3ds Max.

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