Free Friday

Well today was a ‘free friday’.
Not every day is going to entail you working on a project. We just got done picthing on 3 projects over the last 2 weeks. Today we had a sigh of relief here. So we took the time to experiment. Some guys upgraded to 3ds Max 2010, our compositor experimented with Fusion 6 pre-release, which is amazing by the way. I messed around with 3ds max 2010 as well. Ive been a Maya guy since I started, and the transition has been difficult for me, but I think it will benefit me because they ppl here really know max, and so I will learn more from them. And being fairly new to 3d, what does it matter?

Summer is usually the time for downtime with lighter amount of projects. They group here likes to take time off and work on a personal project that they would like to do. This makes sense, esp when u work on same type of project over and over again. We have gotten 3 straight projects with a white world background as the main theme. Its driving the ppl here nuts. Last year at this time, they worked on the PAUSE credits, for free, but it put them on the map. And now the big clients come to them.

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