Back to Reality

Well today was a bit of a more average day. I spent most of the day assembling assets for someone here that is working on a commercial for Future Shop. They want a lot of stuff, they literally gave us a list, and we have to put it all in somehow. We tried to simplify everything in order to let the product they want to sell do all the talking.

This was tedious because I had to look over my shoulder at the main compositor here working on the new Wrigleys 5 Gum commercial. Wrigleys has really pumped out the best commercials for products in general, not just gum. check one out here:

The style frames were presenting look wicked cool though and we should win the pitch that we present tomorrow morning.

He used a really cool plugin for Fusion that creates fractals that you have massive control over. You can really create remarkable images with it. I’ll post the name of it tomorrow, so check back with me in the morning.

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