OK lets get started…

Heres a recap of what I have been up to interning at this 3D animation studio here in Toronto.

One of the first things they had me do was design a client log in page for them. This is a section separate of their website that clients visit in order to insert information about the ad agency they are from, information about the pitch itself, and timeframes etc.

I designed the layout in photoshop, did some painting, and put it into after effects, where I animated a mouse cursor flying around the screen in order for my boss to get an idea of how things would rollover, flip up, click, etc.

Second thing was working on a commercial for Toyota Prius.

This was much more exciting. The commercial was simple. All they needed was text to animate where they wanted. They sent me the original footage edited together in a tiff sequence, and then I created 4 or 5 ways that the text could animate on – only on one of the 6 frames though. No sense in doing too much work for all the sections when they might go in a diff direction.

they wanted something elegant. they chose of course the worst one. and so we proceed to create the rest of the 6 sections that have text. The logo animation at the end was already done, so we didnt even have to do that.

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