Layer Tennis

I stumbled onto this site somehow. It is the digital artists’ version of freestyling similar to the battles from 8 mile, or Freestlye Fridays on BET.

Its fairly simple. There are motion graphic artists that one begins with an animation of his choice, the last frame of the first animation because the first frame of the competitor. You end up exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses and flipping his animations back onto him. Very similar to what a rapper would do in a freestyle battle. There is also 2D, which I find less exciting, but the Lead off guy creates a graphic design piece with type and image. The opponent ‘returns’ with a piece of his own, spinning off of either the image or the type.

Most of these battles are quite clever. It is all sponsored by Adobe. the winner is decided by the most Twitter votes.

one of my fav battles:

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